The Wild Thing Behind Wildworks


Hayley Meyer is a brand stylist and graphic designer drawn to meaningful creative endeavoursShe takes passionate business owners on journeys of insight into the essence and values of their unique brand story, in order to connect their missions with the very people they wish to serve. Big-picture-thinking and an interest in human-centred design allows her to craft visual identities that meet the needs of the client, the stakeholders and the ever-important end-user. Her visual style draws on a love of grid systems, typography and modern graphics to craft a sleek, playful and positive aesthetic. 


Hayley's path on design greatness started out with a Bachelor of Arts (Creative Advertising and Graphic Design), a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Graphic Design) and an opportunity to work with the design powerhouse, Amie Harrison Design. She soon learnt she had what it took to make it on her own, to challenge the role of the designer and to bring a strategic and engaging experience to her clients. 

She then catapulted herself into the world of human-centred design through a Masters in Design, which she is currently completing. She started putting these new skills into action through a 6-month project by employing design thinking techniques at the Disability Services Commission to improve user experience of wheelchair assessments and design. She also crafted a visual language for the Australian Indigenous Health InfoNet. She is eager to explore social enterprise initiatives and bring strategic design thinking to the world of identity design. 

Hayley is currently a Perth City Host for The Design Kids, where she has a mission to bridge the gap between graphic design education and the graphic design industry - with resources, networking and opportunities galore for graduates and designers. She also set up the San Diego and Los Angeles chapters as part of TDK's global expansion in 2016. 

She has been the Public Relations Officer for Golden Key International Honour Society where she organises events and projects focussed on supporting bright-eyed graduates and alumni from Edith Cowan University to achieve their leadership, community service and academic initiatives. A successful recent event invited members to #BeYourOwnBrand and to develop transferrable professional development skills. 


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