Have you begun a new adventure… or in need of a re-brand? 

Wildworks Design can help your business tame the beast of branding by building a ferocious new identity for your precious entity. But first, we will help guide you step-by-step into exploring and unfurling the essence of your business in order to craft a unique brand story. A story that we will then design a considered visual identity around. 

This is the grand plan...
The Brand Plan. 

We will start off with the following four aspects of your business:

  1. The personality and philosophies of your business.

  2. Your message (your story and your idea to share).

  3. Your wild and wonderful mission (every day).

  4. The long-term vision for your business / venture.


- Part One -

the brand plan

Looking for a design #dreamweaver to help you uncover the power of your own brand? 

What you will get:

  1. Access to the Client Lounge, allowing you to peruse handy business resources and download printable worksheets, planners and design guides.

  2. Fortnightly (or monthly) Strategy Meetings - One-on-one coffee catch-ups, Skype meetings or email correspondence, depending on how you like to work best.

  3. Fortnightly Activities to work through The Brand Plan.

  4. Brand Synergy Chart.

  5. Your Brand Story.



visual identity design

Following our strategy sessions, we will begin constructing a suite of elements that can be used to communicate your brand to the world. 

  1. 1 x Refined Brand Concept.

  2. 1 x Brand Guidelines - A digital booklet summarising your brand identity and how to use each element within your brand suite.

  3. 1 x Brand Mark (logo) presented in a variety of lock-ups, exported in several file types for various applications (including digital and print purposes)

  4. 1 x Colour Palette.

  5. 1 x Typographic Guidelines.

  6. Additional Brand Elements as required (such as brand devices, textures, backgrounds and/or an icon set).

  7. 4 x Digital Mock-ups of your visual identity applied to sample products, services or other communications (may include business cards, packaging. corporate stationery or merchandise).



brand applications

Depending on your business's needs we will discuss how your brand will be styled across your products, services, communications and various other touchpoints. We are happy to design various outputs, such as:

  1. Corporate Stationery

  2. Business Cards

  3. Promotional Materials

  4. Social Media Campaigns

  5. Publications

  6. Packaging

  7. Website

  8. Merchandise

  9. Uniforms, Badges and Lanyards

  10. Signage


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