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Treat your body is a resource to guide a health-conscious creative eater into eating and treating your body with the best that there is in nourishment, love and goodness. 

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The word "Fence" was derived from the Middle English word defence. The most obvious act of defence was to fight and defend one’s own with swords (also known as fencing). The not-so- obvious act of constructing an enclosure (a fence) was also a decisive defence mechanism.

Today, fences do more than just protect us from physical harm, they also provide us with social, psychological and cultural demarcations. So, in today’s world, what are we protecting? What are we defending when we enclose our homes, ourselves and our loved ones? And how does a fence change our relationship with the outside world?

Be it a fence on a property or a fence in the mind, these structures enable us to either put up a fight or question where we, as entities, start and "the rest of the world" begins and how we embrace humanity.



A publication layout exploring aerosol and graffiti art on the streets. 



During a series of Graphic Design placements, interviews and workshops, I decided to document my process and some of the notable pieces of insights I received. The topics span client relationships, freelancing, marketing, social media, using Squarespace, setting up documents for multiple outputs, and much much more. The booklet is a starting point for the learning and development every eager designer will embark on. 



The Child Health Promotion Research Centre (CHPRC) at Edith Cowan University won a proposal to a suite of age-specific food and nutrition curriculum support materials for K-10 teachers in WA and this is one of the resource booklets. 

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