Connect with your Creativity



Oh, your creative spirit... Have you connected with it lately?

Let me re-acquaint you with your own creative spark...

It is the jolt that ignites us when an idea floats on by and is captured.
It is the energy that powers you into a state of flow.
It is the means for solution-finding in seemingly impossible circumstances.
It is the conductor of electricity that sends bolts from one stimuli to another - creating new connections, new ideas and new expressions. 
It is the moment when a thought translates into a perfect phrase or a beautiful art-form. 

And ultimately, it is the act of creating, solving and innovating in the fully present moment.

It is hard to be creative under pressure, so we need to be open to it, to feed it and connect with it on a daily basis so it comes to us when called upon.

Creative carefree moments are often the ones we live for and the ones we long for... especially when a deadline is looming. You see, the creative spirit only works it magic when we surrender to it, when we trust in the process, unlike the times we try to force creativity with desperation and we are left with empty voids, blank canvasses and confusion. 

So, lets LOOK & LINGER at this creative "spirit" a little...

Just like the concept of "genius", we all have innate abilities or personal inclinations that come to life when we are fully present and engrossed in what we are doing - be it a passion, an engaging challenge or a topic of interest that lights us up. Maybe you have found this source of flow or maybe you have experienced minute glimpses... Either way, if you'd like to reconnect with your creativity and the momentum it gives you, try the following meditation... 


Lets start by imagining your creative spirit as a visual entity that lives within you. What does it LOOK like? Imagine a gentle golden light that glows deep within. Occassionally it sparks and buzzes and calms itself down. The more you focus on it, the more it starts to brighten, the more it starts to swirl and gain momentum. Feel it start to buzz like an orb of energy that pumps through to every cell in your body. 

Think about where you feel this golden light. Where does your creative spirit LIVE within you? Where do you go to tap into it? It may be a heady mass of connections or a heart-felt energy. It may be something that fills you up entirely, spilling into every cell in our body. Or does it float seemlessly into the expansive world around, connecting you with every atom. Wherever it lives, find this place and sit within it for a moment. 

Now consider how it NOURISHES itself. Fill this space with moments and insights. Let it be curious. Nourish it with experience. Allow it to observe what's going on around you, without judgement. Listen to the sounds that arise and the activity that plays on in the world. See the interaction between people, places and things. Let it take in all the messages that it receives, with wonder. Tend to it. Imagine feeding it with freeform human experience. Let it taste the reality and beauty in all things.

Now let it PLAY. Let it build with these experiences and create new connections. Let it play like a little child plucking concepts from the ether, matching them with past experiences and new opportunities as it creates new meaning, new beauty and new insights.  

Alright, get ready to bring this creative energy to the next thing you do.
Be curious. Be patient. Be open. 

Peace out, homies.