Wildworks Design is a human-centred branding & graphic design studio serving meaning-driven businesses.


Inspired by the rich and raw tapestry that is life, Wildworks navigates the wilderness of visual communication by transforming your beautiful brand story into engaging and purposeful visual communications. We live to unleash brave ideas, products and services into the wild in order to connect with and meet the needs of the humans behind your missions.

We offer human-centred design services such as brand development, visual identity design, brand styling, graphic design and content creation to apply your carefully crafted identity across various platforms such as social media, corporate communications, packaging, publications, websites and more.

We work with speakers, consultants, therapists, entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses in sunny Perth, Western Australia and beyond. We look forward to meeting you, hearing your unique business story and creating beautifully-functional communications, together.  


How may we make your wild life work?

Connecting your beautiful business to committed clients through strategic design.


Wildworks is here to help your business tame the beast of branding by building a ferocious new identity for your precious entity.

Whether you've started a new adventure or you're settled in your business and ready for a brave new rebrand, let us guide you through from exploration through to strategy. We will help guide you, step-by-step, into exploring and unfurling the essence of your business in order to craft a unique brand story. A story that we will then design a considered visual identity system around, made up of elements such as brand marks (commonly referred to as logos), typography, a colour palette, icon sets, imagery, copywriting guidelines and much more.

This is the grand plan... The Brand Plan. 


If you're new to the world of The Socials, let us show you the way, starting with a tailored Social Media Strategy and on-brand Content Creation. Lets get social...


Once your visual identity has been established, it’s time to apply your look to your business, services and products. From promotional print materials and publications to packaging and digital design. We will craft visual delights for your clients’ viewing pleasure. Find out more...


the wildworks philosophy

What drives everything that we do?



Introducing the wildthang
behind wildworks.

Get to know your #dreamweaver.


Hayley is a designer of experiences.

…A human-centred designer, an identity designer and a graphic designer. Hayley is drawn to meaningful creative endeavours that have the power to create positive social impact, inspire authentic human connection, generate engaging experiences and make beautifully wild lives work through the power of design. 

She takes passionate business owners on journeys of discovery into the essence and values of their unique business. Big-picture-thinking and an interest in human-centred design allows her to craft brand stories and visual identities that meet the needs of the client, the stakeholders and the ever-important end-user and can be applied to a vast array of applications.

Her visual style draws on a love of grid systems, typography, rustic mark-making, sacred geometry, visual closure and modern graphics to craft a sleek, playful and positive aesthetic.