About Wildworks


Wildworks Design is a boutique design studio situated in Perth, Australia, that offers visual identity design and graphic design services.

Inspired by the rich tapestry that is life, Wildworks directs your wild ideas and your beautiful story into meaningful visual communications...
to joyfully make your wild life work. 

Wildworks translates brave brand stories into refined + rich visual identities... 


The force behind Wildworks


Hayley Meyer holds a real desire to engage in meaningful creative endeavours by infusing the "why" of passionate businesses into the missions of their projects. With an eye for detail and a sleek, playful and positive aesthetic, she enjoys extracting the essence and values of a brand or idea and visually communicating these to inform and inspire both the client, stakeholders and the ever-important end user. 

Hayley is always searching for opportunities to use her creativity and her methodical design-thinking skills to develop evolving solutions to challenging briefs.

Graduating in 2015 from a Bachelor of Creative Industries, majoring in Graphic Design, she achieved a course weighted average of 84.75% and delicious insights from her professional placement at the design powerhouse, Amie Harrison Design. She is currently completing her Masters in Design and eager to explore social enterprise initiatives should such opportunities arise!  

Hayley is currently the Co-Host for The Design Kids Perth, where she has a mission to bridge the gap between graphic design education and the graphic design industry - with resources, networking and opportunities galore for graduates and designers.

She is also the Public Relations Officer for Golden Key International Honour Society where she organises events and projects focussed on supporting bright-eyed graduates and alumni from Edith Cowan University to achieve their leadership, community service and academic dreams. 

One of her current projects involves employing design thinking techniques at the Disability Services Commission to improve user experience of wheelchair assessments and design. 


Design Services


So what dO Graphic DesignerS do, you ask?

Graphic designers are #DreamWeavers (a dear client's name for me)...
We transform concepts, brands, and images in the mind into visual realities.

  • We work with 2D elements that can be printed or applied in a vast array of 3D applications.
  • Graphic Designers work in the digital realms and the physical print realms.
  • We work with our hands, busily sketching and drafting away.
  • We work with pixels, crafting with new technologies as we catapult ourselves into the digital age. 
  • We are the planners and the doers. We strategise and implement. We make it happen. 
  • Design solutions may include outputs such as advertising campaigns, packaging, typographic design, business cards, annual reports, publications, articles, social media banners, brochures, fliers, and so on. 
  • Often our designs will end up on products, and in this instance, we cross disciplines. 


Need to work on crafting your brand and visual identity?
Take a look at our process and view some past works through the links below. 


Graphic Design Services

Your experience with Wildworks and the design world doesn't need to stop there! We like to make your wild life work in more ways than one.

  • Having trouble connecting with your customers?
  • Need a social media campaign to spread the word about an upcoming promotion?
  • Heard about information design and would like to distill down dry data into engaging and accessible solutions?
  • Have a million and one ideas that you'd like to compile into one beautiful document
  • Fancy some more design in your life?

Our other design services include: